sealife pocket square orange blue fish

Silk Scarves & Pocket Squares by Blue Flamingo

Be Bold, Be Unique, Be Extraordinary


Dress to impress and stand out from the crowd in these artist-designed unique prints.

These high quality silk designs are bold, beautiful and sophisticated –

just like those who choose to wear them.

urban blue grey steel bronze scarf

Leave A Timeless Impression


Autumn is a season of such variety: gloriously turning leaves, Keats’ “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, and shining lights in dark evenings.

The Blue Flamingo scarves capture all of this wonder and keep you feeling warm whilst looking cool.

Gentlemen can redefine the art of contemporary accessories with our pocket squares.

Add some year-round luxury and style to your outfits with our all-season accessories.

Designed and made in the UK for those who are passionate about fashion and craftsmanship.

Wear them, love them, own them!