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March 2018

How to wear yellow

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Yellow is always on trend and as Spring arrives after a hard grey and a white Winter you will crave that pop of colour. But? Who can safely wear it? This article shows exactly that everyone can. It’s just a case of knowing how to, no matter what your colouring…read on… (For a pop of colour check out pure silk champagne ladies scarf)

Disclaimer: the following statement may cause mild terror and trepidation.

Yellow is the colour of the SS16 season. Bright sunshine, lemon, mustard – name a shade of yellow and it appeared at the spring showcases back in September 2015. The designers did not just stop at block, look-at-me colours either. Nay, yellow was splashed on snakeskin, satin, floral chiffon, lace and beading.

A quick poll of the team showed that not one Telegraph Fashion member counted the brilliant butter hue as their strong point. In desperation we turned to the consultants at Colour Me Beautiful, a styling service exploring skin tone matches.

Good news for people who can pull off contrasts, says MD and author Veronique Henderson. Redheads and women with porcelain skin and bright blue eyes, for example, can easily wear yellow because it works as a striking comparison to their features.

Rather than getting caught up with complexion and colour harmony, Henderson recommends working on how to introduce yellow into outfits while looking comfortable.

Embrace unlikely sounding matches

Mustard and grey, lemon and bubblegum – if it sounds like a peculiar food pairing, then go for it! Yellow requires a strong colour to stand up against,which is why a redhead looks more at home in a sunshine sweater than a mousy-haired woman. Turn the tricky colour into a platform to show off your fun side, as demonstrated by Caroline Issa’s punchy fashion week ensemble.

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