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October 2018

Blue Flamingo is the new black

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Forget autumn oranges, blue is the new black.

Celebs are wearing it

How many celebs are wearing various shades of blue in Glamour Magazine’s gallery of winter outfits? Bradley Cooper’s hat. the stylish coats sported by Liv Tyler, Taylor Swift, Christina Ricci, Dakota Fanning, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Gigi Hadid. Dakota’s scarf… sadly not a Blue Flamingo scarf.


It’s not just clothing either. Women’s nails were hot on this autumn’s catwalks, with The Every Girl picking out a lovely midnight nail varnish. I’m glad to see my own nails are bang on trend!

Pastel Blue

Most specifically, though, it’s pastel blue that’s this autumn’s colour as noted in this Who What Wear article and The Telegraph.

powder blue is fashion trend colour for autumn fall 2018

With its subtle jades and hints of pastel blue, my Sloane Square pocket square and scarf accessorises beautifully with whichever shade you’re wearing for this autumn/fall.

gift ideas for wedding day sloane square accessories gift set

Or if you’re getting on the blue fashion train by using your accessories, you’ll love Marine, Blue Flamingo, or Treetops designs.

silk scarf blue marine gift for sailors


Blue flamingo design unusual gift different gift

Blue Flamingo

nature lovers gift trees blue scarf


New Collection – peacock blue and…?

My forthcoming collection includes a beautiful peacock option. I hope the flamingos don’t think I’ve forgotten them.

I recently ran a survey on my suggested new designs, pictured above. The results were very insightful, and sometimes surprising. Thanks to everyone for taking part!

I’m putting three of the pocket square designs into production. One of them was like Marmite – half of you loved it and half of you ‘hated’ it. But it ranked highest of all in for if you’d actually wear it.

And I’m putting five of the scarf designs into production. I’m hoping they’ll be ready in time for Christmas but as they’re hand-sewn, they do take time to produce, so it might be a case of New Year, New Collection.

autumn trends 2018 blue

So, apart from Peacock, which other designs made the grade? You’ll have to wait and see!

If you’ve any comments on them, please leave them here, I love to hear from you.