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This March celebrates women

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Last week began with Virgin Airlines allowing female cabin crew to wear trousers as standard and reduce their amount of make-up, and ended with International Women’s Day; next week is Universal Women’s Week and the last day of the month is Mother’s Day in the UK.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Afternoon teas are all the rage now for Mother’s Day treats, but have you noticed how restaurants and cafes charge more for their set menus on this special day?  It’s the simple equation of demand being greater than supply on Mothering Sunday.

That’s why I, and many people I know, prefer to give their Mum a gift on the day, and book that quality-time-together treats on a neighbouring weekend.

Why not combine a gift of flowers with a quality silk scarf that she will treasure forever?

Angels by your side

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have our special women by our side any more.

I designed this scarf with the men and women that I’ve lost in mind.  I think of them whenever I wear it, and it reminds me that they are still with me in spirit, and still supporting me.

angels silk pocket square gift idea for grieving men

Gelantines Day Gift Ideas

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Here are some gift ideas for women for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day from expert blogger Heather Nixon, originally published on of beautyandnothingness.com and reproduced here with her permission.

Valentines day is almost around the corner! January feels like it has lasted for a year but also it seems like 2019 is flying by already somehow. However, with the start of February fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about valentines day and galentines day, the latter is the most important!
I’m extremely lucky in that I have quite a lot of friends as well as three extra special friends who I’ve known for most of my life and I do feel as though I taken them for granted sometimes so galentines day is a great way to show how much you appreciate those friends who will always be there for you!
I know that valentines day and galentines day are ‘Hallmark holidays’ but I still feel as though they are great excuses to treat those you love, whether it’s your partner or friends, because why not!
I personally love receiving gifts and I know my friends do too and it’s a little more special if it’s unexpected. Today’s post features a range of gifts that would be ideal as a galentines (or palentines day, I’ve heard it being called) gifts. Thanks so much to Funky Pigeon, Simply Beach and Blue Flamingo.

Let’s start with a couple of gorgeous and slightly more unusual gifts, both of which are from Funky Pigeon. Candles are an ideal gift for most and I love receiving them too as they instantly make any room so much cosier, warmer and more inviting which is definitely something everyone needs at this time of the year (it’s currently snowing as I’m writing this post). For ever thrilling weather updates as well as blogger mail unboxings, follow me on Instagram (@ofbeautyand).
There are so many candles out there and maybe your friends have tried many of them so why not opt for something a little more unusual in a cocktail inspired candle. The candle I was very kindly sent is the ‘pink champagne’ candle which not only looks gorgeous but it smells heavenly too. To me, it has a very fresh and fruity scent that’s a little unique and it would be perfect for adding a little spring freshness into any home. It’s currently on sale, along with a few other gifts in the galentines day section, so go, go, go.

There are so many gorgeous gifts to choose from, for a range of ages, preferences and tastes, on the Funky Pigeon website but one item that instantly caught my eye was this utterly gorgeous notebook (we all know how much I love a cute notebook). I haven’t tried anything from this brand but I love the style of all of their items so I now need to check out this brand more throughly!
The notebook I chose doesn’t just have such a cute cover and a simple and classic design but it also has multiple ribbon bookmarks which makes it look even cuter and makes it even more practical. I’m planning on using this notebook for family record keeping (such as family stories before they are forgotten) but it would be great for so many other uses too. If you have a friend or partner that loves stationery then definitely check out this notebook on Funky Pigeon as I think it will be a hit with so many stationery lovers, myself included.

The penultimate item within today’s gift guide (there will be more valentines day inspired gift guides coming soon) is more on the luxury end of the spectrum so it would be great for those extra special friends, for a special birthday or as a Mother’s Day gift as Mother’s Day in the UK isn’t too far away. I was very kindly sent the Urban Life silk scarf from the lovely people over at Blue Flamingo and I think it would make such a lovely, special and luxurious gift to give.
There are a variety of designs to choose from (I think the Sloane Square design is my ultimate favourite of the design currently available) but I opted for the Urban Life scarf as I know that my mum will absolutely love it! I’m planning on giving my mum a little valentines day gift this year as she always gave myself and my sister valentines day treats growing up, whether it was chocolates or a toy so I think it would be a nice gesture to finally gift my mum something in return.
The scarf is composed of 100% AA grade medium weight silk and it’s a great size at 150cm by 65cm. I’m personally not a fan of huge scarves, maybe because I’m very petite so this size is ideal for me and also my mum. The scarf is so smooth and soft, it feels quite luxurious and it would make for a lovely, thoughtful gift this valentines and galentines day. You’ll hopefully see a photo of this scarf as as outfit of the day soon…if the snow stops!

The final item on my gift guide is another sale gift but this one is from Simply Beach which is a site I’ve been lucky enough to work with previously. Simple Beach has such a wide range of gorgeous beachwear, beach accessories and swimwear such as push up bikini, jewellery, footwear, bags and more so if you are jetting off to soak up some winter sun then look no further than Simply Beach, especially as there are currently so many sale items on their website!
The pouch I received has one of my favourite designs to feature on any accessories or clothing which is stars. I have a tattoo of stars on my wrist so naturally when I find any item with stars, I’m instantly drawn to it and this cute pouch is no different. I love the design, it think it would be perfect as a beach clutch and it’s a great size too; however I’m going to use it as a makeup pouch for my handbag as I love to keep everything organised and why not keep all of my makeup organised in an adorable star pouch! I can’t recommend it (or the Simply Beach site) enough and I think there are numerous items that would make wonderful galentines day gifts on there.

New Year, New You

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Q: What do astrology, alzheimer’s, Doctor Who, scarves, and palm prints have in common?

A: 2019.

New Year’s resolutions are fated to succeed in 2019

successful new years resolutions 2019So it’s the first of January. Maybe we’re all a bit too hungover to put our new year’s resolutions into effect right now, but we definitely will tomorrow (or maybe start thinking about it tomorrow…).

However, according to the study of astrology, 2019 is the best year to start your new year’s resolution on 1 January.  Mars, the power and motivation planet, enters its home sign of Aries today, meaning you have more chance of sticking to your resolution. This is the first time this alignment has happened on 1 January since records began.

There are many helpful tips online about how to set (and keep) your new year’s resolutions. Keep them specific, keep them small, and set timelines. Small lifestyle changes are easier to stick to, such as only taking on dry January for one week, doing a few minutes of stretching and movement when you get out of bed each morning, or eating one vegetable-only meal a day to help you get your five a day.

Blue Flamingo’s New Year’s resolution

Blue Flamingo is making a New Year’s resolution, and that starts today. We’re joining Stephen Fry, Simon Pegg, David Walliams and others in supporting Alzheimer’s Research UK. Alzheimer’s Research UK is the UK’s leading dementia research charity, dedicated to causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and cure. Their mission is to bring about the first life-changing dementia treatment by 2025.

Charitable giving corporate social responsibility csr Alzheimer's logoSupporting those affected by Alzheimer’s, whether directly or indirectly (see the great work undertaken by the Alzheimer’s Society) is a cause dear to my heart. I lost my Dad to Alzheimer’s. The diagnosis was a terrible blow to all the family, but I felt particularly close to him. He had always been there when I needed him, and now the rock in my life was fading away. I poured the ghastliness of his illness and the grief I was feeling into the final project for my art degree. My Dad sadly passed away shortly before I finished my degree.

When I heard about the work of Alzheimer’s Research UK, I knew I wanted to help them prevent or find a cure for dementia. So for every scarf or pocket square I sell in 2019, I will give 3% of the price to the charity.

Doctor Who?

On a lighter note, apart from making changes through resolutions, each year brings us new looks through fresh fashion trends. Many trends from the past few years have arisen from new takes on old classics, and 2019 looks set to be no different, starting today with the unlikely fashion icon, Doctor Who.

The thirteenth Doctor Who is wearing a scarf for today’s seasonal special, fittingly called “Resolution”. The scarf, with its brightly coloured stripes, is very reminiscent of the scarf worn by Tom Baker’s Doctor. As with many great fashion innovations, this one wasn’t a deliberate design on the part of Doctor Who’s costume designer, but accidental innovation. The show’s production designer was wearing it on production and the costume designer saw it and thought it would be great for Doctor Who actor Jodie Whittaker who loved it.

Who doesn’t love a scarf, Jodie?!

Doctor Who Scarf Tom Baker Scarf

Image from https://www.space.ca/tom-baker-doctor-who-shada/

Doctor Who Scarf 2019 Jodie Whittaker

Image from https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-12-27/doctor-who-jodie-whittaker-scarf-new-year-special/

2019 Fashion Trends

Other trends going into 2019 have been around for a couple of years now but are still going strong. One of these is for palm leaf prints, and another is for feathers, and I’m delighted to announce that one of my new Spring/Summer collection is the palm leaf and peacock scarf and pocket square designs.

If you fancy a new look for 2019, take a look at the other items in my new collection below.

Wishing you a Happy New Year

Last of all, may you have every joy and success in 2019!

Happy New Year image and Blue Flamingo 2019 fashion accessories logo

Top selling christmas gifts 2018

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Top selling Christmas gifts in the UK for 2018

best selling christmas gifts


Wondering what are the best selling gifts this Christmas to get inspiration for what to buy your loved ones? At Blue Flamingo we’ve done the hard work for you. Read on to find out what the top sellers for Christmas 2018 are in books, films, music, video games, toys and games, and those traditional chestnuts: socks, pants, hats, scarves and novelty jumpers.

Bestselling books this Christmas

top selling books christmas 2018 gift ideas

Perennial Christmas favourite, the Guinness Book of World Records is selling well, as are autobiographies by Michelle Obama, the Supervet, Michael Caine, Billy Connolly and Tina Turner.

If your loved ones are up for some intellectual stimulation whilst digesting their Christmas pud, Stephen Hawking’s last book is in the best sellers, as is the companion book to the BBC’s “Dynasties” animal series, and a collection of QI facts.

For humour, Stephen Fry re-tells classic myths, Penguin has a book of Brexit cartoons out, and the Viz annual continues to be a best seller at this time of year.

With the popularity of Game of Thrones never waning, George R R Martin has a new series set 300 years earlier. The first of the two volumes, Fire and Blood is out now. Speaking of action series, there’s a new Jack Reacher out too.

And the world can’t get enough of JK Rowling either. The Crimes of Grindelwald script is a must-get Christmas gift, tying in with the much-anticipated Christmas release of the film.

Many of these Christmas books are half-price with Waterstone’s at the time of writing.

Film and music bestsellers 2018

top sellers in music for christmas gift ideas 2018

The Greatest Showman has brought a million dreams to millions of hearts all year. Unbelievably, people still don’t have the CD or DVD as they are still in the top best sellers on Amazon. If your loved one does already have them, what about the tribute album by artists such as P!nk, Jess Glynne and James Arthur?

Other musical favourites are the perennial best sellers Now That’s What I Call Music, and crooner Michael Buble. New albums from current artists such as George Ezra and Jess Glynne are up there, as well as re-packaged or re-released classics like the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, and of course Queen. Various Queen’s greatest hits collections are selling like hotcakes on the back of this viral video of a three year old singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Okay, maybe it was on the back of the hit film by the same name, the soundtrack to which is also a popular gift this Christmas.

Most popular electronics for Christmas

Best selling electronics christmas 2018 christmas gift inspiration

Amazon Kindle readers, fire tablets and TV sticks and Alexa smart speakers make Amazon’s own best seller list.

Fitbits are also topping sales lists – however, Apple fans have the new Apple Watch Series 4 at the top of their wishlist.

Mobile phone camera lens kits are also popular, and are available from several high street retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Oliver Bonas. I guess I was ahead of the curve this year – my other half got a set of the fish eye, macro and wide angle clip-on lenses for his birthday back in the Spring!

Video Games

If your man or kids are into gaming, Red Dead Redemption II (a sort of Grand Theft Auto set in the Wild West) is the top seller. New console Nintendo Switch is also popular – it can operate as a handheld device, or connect to your TV for all the family – or even online gamers – to join in. There’s also a mini version of the retro 1990s original system preloaded with games in Amazon’s top 10 most gifted videogames. If you know someone who’d love to game down memory lane with Super Mario or Zelda, this is a great gift idea. Another hot seller this Christmas is the new Spider-Man game for the PS4 which has become Sony’s fastest selling game of all time – selling 3.3 million copies in the first three days of its release.

Toys and Games bestselling gifts

best selling games gift ideas christmas 2018

For adults, competing alongside classic game, Articulate, you can get rudely creative with Cards Against Humanity. Newcomer on the family game stakes, Exploding Kittens card game is popular for getting disgustingly destructive (don’t worry, no kittens are harmed!). Twists on classics are selling well such as Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly Cheaters Edition or Fortnite, as well as the classics themselves – Twister, Cluedo, Guess Who?, Pop up Pirate, and Jenga.

For younger children the popular combination of Harry Potter and Lego in the form of the Hogwarts Express Train toy is popular, as is a Wizard Training wand.

Socks, pants and jumpers

Amongst the items topping the clothing sellers on Amazon are novelty socks and jumpers, and the more serious Calvin Klein trunks.

best selling christmas novelty clothing and accessories

Hats, gloves and scarves

Accessories such as hats, gloves and scarves are always popular gifts since “the weather outside is frightful” during the festive season.

Amazon has some trendy hat and glove options topping its lists:

top selling hats and gloves christmas 2018 accessories ideas for presents

Rather than just giving a standard knitted or furry scarf this Christmas, why not make your scarf gift a really special one?  The Blue Flamingo scarf collection is made of pure silk so will keep the special women in your life warm whilst being comfortable and stylish.  Three gifts in one!

And for the special men in you life, change up the accessories-giving with the gift of a stylish, British-made, silk pocket square.

lovehearts silk scarf for summer in orange and pink

Give the gift of love with this joyful Heart Strings silk scarf

Champagne yellow scarf celebration gift summer accessory

Brighten dark days & celebrate with this Champagne scarf

black and grey scarf professional colleague gift present suit accessory

Night City glamour for your little black Christmas outfit

bright and light autumn fashion accessory fireworks bonfires pocket square

Give a Christmas Star to the star in you life

Downtown Gold Silk Pocket Square

Glittering lights of the Downtown pocket square

trendy pocket square prisms of light and office blocks multi coloured

Bright lights and multi-way pocket square versatility

His and Hers gift sets

Buy a his and hers scarf and pocket square set and save 10% – a unique, luxury gift for parents for just £90.

And finally…

There’s lots more inspiration on Pinterest, both from the shopblueflamingo Pinterest boards, and others.  Check them out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, and all my others.  Many thanks for supporting my new business throughout 2018 – every like, comment, or share really helps – more than you might think!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and may 2019 bring you health, wealth, and happiness.

Jude x

christmas logo

Festive gift ideas 2018

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Festive gift shopping season is upon us.

In Britain, only 24% of people save their Christmas Day shopping until December. And with Diwali, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Chanuka all taking place in November and the start of December, many more people will have completed their gift shopping by the end of November.

Chocolate is the most popular gift for adults in the U.K. It’s easy to see why because it’s easy to buy. Almost everyone loves chocolate, and manufacturers put it in such attractive Christmas packages. I don’t know about you but I start to panic when I see chocolate mounting up in my presents pile. The festive season is already a time of indulgence, I don’t need any more! It brings Money Savings Expert, Martin Lewis’s 9-year campaign to mind – to not throw away money on things people don’t need or want, and to think about the pressure you put on recipients with your own gift-giving, and on the rest of your community if you’re extravagant with your children.

Nearly half of shoppers plan on buying their gifts in the supermarket. As a recipient of a paltry selection of fitness and drinking accessories from my other half one year, I don’t recommend this for domestic harmony.

christmas gifts for pets dogs unusual fun

Or maybe that’s why shoppers will spend an average of over $100 dollars on themselves during Christmas shopping!

All together we will also spend more than $5 million on our pets for Christmas.

That’s a lot of money. But how can you resist?

Here’s Princess Phoebe in her Christmas jumper last year!

Let’s not forget those less fortunate than ourselves during the festive season. There are many initiatives to buy a homeless person Christmas dinner, or buy essential items for those in need at home and abroad.


Two thirds of you intend to spend less on Christmas this year compared to last year according to Bobatoo Insurance’s 2018 Christmas Spending survey. You will spend most of your gift budget on family members rather than your children (or, of course, your ever-neglected partner or spouse – or friends!). The majority of you will spend less than £150 on gifts for your partners.

This means that we’re all under increasing pressure to find a special gifts for loved ones that are great value for money.

Do you know what you’re buying for your family or partner this year?

Festive Gift ideas for women

Here are some lovely ideas for women for around £65. And yes, there’s chocolate in there, but it redeems itself with fizz and body butter as well.

Classic Black

pink gift ideas for christmas

Hotel Chocolat hamper

unusual christmas gift ideas

Black and white bag from Debenhams

hannuka gifts

Radley black purse from Debenhams

red black silk scarf boost little black dress

Lipsy silk scarf from Blue Flamingo £65

Festive green

green gifts gin giftset boxset gin lover unusual ideas for gifts

Luxury gin hamper from Hamper.com

unusual gift for londoners

Sloane Square silk scarf from Blue Flamingo £65

Londoner gift christmas nightwear lingerie wome

Map print dressing gown from Trouva

music lovers gift moonlight concert summer fireworks

Summer concert for 2 from Debenhams

Pretty in Pink

pink gift idea unusual unique

Make up set from Revolution

pink floral feminine unusual gift scarf silk accessory

Hibiscus scarf from Blue Flamingo £65

pink luxury gift idea for women

Michael Kors bangle from Watchshop

pink perfume giftset gift idea

Valentino perfume giftset from The Fragrance Shop

Festive gift ideas for men

And here are some ideas for men for around £35.

Blue for boys

gift ideas for men blue unusual unique

Hip flask from Not on the High Street

Blue holdall from Not on the High Street

blue gold blush pocket square gift for men

Blue Abstract pocket square from Blue Flamingo £35

Slippers from Debenhams

Multi colours

multi-coloured pocket square fashionable gift for men

Mode silk pocket square from Blue Flamingo £35

game of thrones gift for boys and men risk boardgame

Risk Game of Thrones edition from I Want One of Those

luxury gift for men whisky drinker stag deer pewter unusual different unique glass

Stag Head glass from John Lewis

luxury cheap gift for men and women movie buff film lover cinema goer quality 5 star champagne experience

Luxury movie night from I Want One of Those

Autumn bronzes

luxury gift ideas for men

Leather gloves from Not on the High Street

personalised gifts for men unusual unique whisky lover

Personalised whisky gift from Find me a Gift

unusual gift idea christmas wine lover experience

Wine lover’s gift from Find me a Gift

gold bronze brown pocket square gift idea unusual trendy fashionable stylish man

Downtown silk pocket square from Blue Flamingo £35

Most popular gifts category

The most popular gift category is clothing and accessories which nearly two thirds of adults will purchase. And two thirds of people will do their shopping online. So what are you waiting for? Click here and find unique luxury accessories online for the best gifts for loved ones this festive season.

christmas logo

Blue Flamingo is the new black

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Forget autumn oranges, blue is the new black.

Celebs are wearing it

How many celebs are wearing various shades of blue in Glamour Magazine’s gallery of winter outfits? Bradley Cooper’s hat. the stylish coats sported by Liv Tyler, Taylor Swift, Christina Ricci, Dakota Fanning, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Gigi Hadid. Dakota’s scarf… sadly not a Blue Flamingo scarf.


It’s not just clothing either. Women’s nails were hot on this autumn’s catwalks, with The Every Girl picking out a lovely midnight nail varnish. I’m glad to see my own nails are bang on trend!

Pastel Blue

Most specifically, though, it’s pastel blue that’s this autumn’s colour as noted in this Who What Wear article and The Telegraph.

powder blue is fashion trend colour for autumn fall 2018

With its subtle jades and hints of pastel blue, my Sloane Square pocket square and scarf accessorises beautifully with whichever shade you’re wearing for this autumn/fall.

gift ideas for wedding day sloane square accessories gift set

Or if you’re getting on the blue fashion train by using your accessories, you’ll love Marine, Blue Flamingo, or Treetops designs.

silk scarf blue marine gift for sailors


Blue flamingo design unusual gift different gift

Blue Flamingo

nature lovers gift trees blue scarf


New Collection – peacock blue and…?

My forthcoming collection includes a beautiful peacock option. I hope the flamingos don’t think I’ve forgotten them.

I recently ran a survey on my suggested new designs, pictured above. The results were very insightful, and sometimes surprising. Thanks to everyone for taking part!

I’m putting three of the pocket square designs into production. One of them was like Marmite – half of you loved it and half of you ‘hated’ it. But it ranked highest of all in for if you’d actually wear it.

And I’m putting five of the scarf designs into production. I’m hoping they’ll be ready in time for Christmas but as they’re hand-sewn, they do take time to produce, so it might be a case of New Year, New Collection.

autumn trends 2018 blue

So, apart from Peacock, which other designs made the grade? You’ll have to wait and see!

If you’ve any comments on them, please leave them here, I love to hear from you.

Autumn Accessorising

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After the exceptional heat of the summer, the time to don warmer clothing is upon us, and fashion commentators have identified silk scarves as ‘the’ autumn fashion accessory. In an autumn nutshell, they are a great way of keeping warm whilst looking cool. For men, now is the time to add a versatile day-to-night pocket square to your wardrobe for the darkening evenings.

autumn chic silk scarf on trend

When does autumn start?

There are two autumns! A meterological one which is based on average temperatures. It also aligns neatly with the Gregorian calendar, and runs from 1 September to 30th November. This is to enable consisent year-on-year weather data comparisons.

The autumnal equinox is the more traditional date for the start of autumn. It can vary by a few days each year as it relates to the earth’s orbit around the sun which takes a little bit longer than 365 days (hence our leap year to catch up).

Sunday 23 September 2018 is the date this year when the earth’s axis doesn’t tilt away from or towards the sun. This means that the sun shines directly on the equator.

The official term for this is “equinox”. It also happens in Spring – the Vernal Equinox. And for my readers in the Southern Hemisphere, the two seasons are reversed.

The term “equinox” comes from the Latin meaning ‘equal night’, as the length of day and night is nearly equal around this time. (At the equator it’s always equal). However, the actual date when you experience almost 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night varies depending on your latitude. People living only a few degrees north experience the date several weeks after the rest of the hemisphere.

women's fashion for autumn accessories leaves

Autumn Fashion Accessories for Women

A recent article on stylecaster says everything about why silk scarves are the best of autumn fashion accessories:

“I used to swear by chunky knit scarves … but my silky go-to has done more in the way of temperature regulation than any of my bulky knits have… all that fabric does a lot for insulation—plus, since it’s wrapped around your neck (one of your body’s quickest-cooling points), it’s pretty efficient, too.

And the best part is:

Silk scarves are cute. You can stay warm while looking pretty damn trendy

—and you don’t have to weigh yourself down with outfit-obscuring layer after outfit-obscuring layer. Silk scarves are the perfect solution to particularly breezy fall days…”

Blue Flamingo scarves aren’t flimsy chiffon as with many high street options. They are quality medium weight silk to keep you warm, are made in the UK and are hand-finished. They are large enough to style in a variety of ways to create many different looks to complement your autumn fashion. And at just £65 including P&P, they don’t come with the price tags of the designer labels in the Stylecaster slideshow.

Autumn is a season of such variety: gloriously turning leaves, Keats’ “season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”, and shining lights in dark evenings. Here are three scarf designs that encapsulate each of these aspects.

lovehearts silk scarf for summer in orange and pink

Heart Strings: the feel-good brighter side of autumn

Sloane Square Ladies Scarf colleague gift professional

Sloane Square: season of misty and smokey hues

black and grey scarf professional colleague gift present suit accessory

City: dramatic nightscape with ochres and greens

Autumn Fashion Accessories for Men

Recently The Debonair praised my City pocket square for its “Autumnal colours”.  The Debonair reviewed the City pocket square last winter, and said:

“The great thing about about the City Life pocket square is its versatility.

By simply folding the square in an alternative manner, you can achieve a completely different look. It’s almost like having two pocket squares in one, which is highly useful especially in the city. Leave this one in your desk drawer to class-up your suit for important meetings, or switch from green to gold as you leave work and head to the bar.”

The Downtown design was added to the collection after The Debonair’s review, but it also oozes sexy city styling with its golds and bronzes of downtown office lights streaking by. Definitely one for a dynamic go-getter.

trendy pocket square prisms of light and office blocks multi coloured

City: autumnal colours and multi-way versatility

Downtown Gold Silk Pocket Square

Downtown: sexy city styling with dynamic golds and bronzes

bright and light autumn fashion accessory fireworks bonfires pocket square

Star: bright city lights or colour flashes on fireworks night

Sloane square london gift idea trees bikes peter jones

Sloane Square: season of misty and smokey hues

Star also reminds me of bright lights, and fireworks.

As with the ladies scarf, the Sloane Square pocket square with its bare tree design in muted greens, blues and ochres captures that misty, smoky feel to the season.

Special Offers

Buy a scarf and pocket square set in Sloane Square or City and save 10% – yours for just £90.

Autumn getaways

Of course, if you’re escaping to warmer climes, see my blogs on how versatile silk scarves are for beach cool, and how men can style up shorts.

Men’s holiday fashion

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Hot weather, hot styling

The summer may be slipping away in the UK, but it’s a great time to get away now the schools are back and holiday prices have dropped.  My previous blog looked at how female fashionistas can keep cool in Blue Flamingo silk scarves in a heatwave or on holiday, but what about men’s holiday fashion?

Hot weather can be challenging in terms of style.   Here are some men’s holiday fashion tips from Jake Cawthorne, adapted from his editorial about Blue Flamingo pocket squares originally published on The Debonair.

Stripe Cerise Turquoise Pure Silk Pocket Square

Summer suiting?


For me, the keyword for men’s holiday fashion is ‘casual’. When the heat rises, in my book it’s ok to style shorts! As long as they’re well-fitted and possibly have a pleat down the front. As a rule, go for chino or linen fabrics. Recently I’ve been balancing my summer suits with block colours; particularly with lightly-coloured jackets. If you don’t want to go full Costa Brava then I recommend using blues over whites and beige. However, personally I’m a fan of both!

Let’s talk pocket squares

In my last blog on Shop Blue Flamingo, I wrote about the ‘City Life‘ pocket square with dark Autumnal colours and geometric tower block patterns; perfect for city nights in rooftop bars.

In comparison, the bold ‘Stripe‘ square is likened to a rich sunset over the ocean; the intriguing mix of horizontal turquoise stripes with magenta, cherry and cerise gives off an ‘evening cocktails by the beach feel’.  Perfect for men’s holiday fashion!  Depending on how fancy you’re feeling, I’ve recommended two folds that I believe show the colours off best.

Stripe Pure Silk Pocket Square


How to balance the short suit

The pocket square is very important when wearing a casual suit. All of the Shop Blue Flamingo pocket squares are made from luxury silk. So, just like an elegant wristwatch; the squares add to your sophistication levels and take attention away from the casual t-shirt and shorts you’ve chosen for your men’s holiday fashion. I recommend using neutral, block colours to keep things clean cut. Then layer with a light jacket and a pop of colour in the breast pocket to achieve true balance. Allowing you to stay cool and look sharp, even at the most sophisticated summer events.

city life pocket square multi coloured rectangular prisms worn by stylish man
City Life Pocket Square

A brief history of swimwear…

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…and how to stand out like Ursula Andress

On the subject of UK lidos (in my blog last week), as I lay in the grounds of Ilkley Lido, surrounded by the modern day ringing in my ears or tried to swim whilst dodging the unsupervised dive-bombing children, I couldn’t help but hark back to how it must have been when it opened in the 1930s. Society was certainly very different back then, as was swimwear fashion – it was only just starting to look like the costumes and bikinis we’re familiar with today.

Pre-20th Century

Nude swimming, whilst still practised by men in rivers and lakes, first gave way to bathing wear in the 17th century, with gentrified male and female spa bathers wearing canvas outfits which billowed in the water to conceal the body’s outline.

Victorian billowy bathing dress

1858 Bathing Suit

Edwardian bathing costume and bathing machine

Edwardian bathing costume and bathing machine (Source: Wikicommons)

With the development of the railway permitting travel to spas and beaches, bathing became more popular. Nude male swimming was made illegal in 1860 and men wore drawers and waistcoats, which developed into the iconic all-in-one. Female Victorian bathing outfits were neck-to-ankle billowy dresses or tunics and bloomers to conform with ideas of decency. Bathers were wheeled right into the sea in bathing machines to further preserve their modesty.

Early 20th Century

Edwardian female costumes became a bit lighter, consisting of a tunic and shorter length bloomers. 

But swimming as a sport, rather than merely bathing in the waters, was becoming increasingly popular in the new century – and female swimmers in particular were hindered with their yards of fabric in tow.

In 1907 Australian Annette Kellerman borrowed the form-fitting style of a British male’s bathing suit and was arrested in the US for public indecency. She changed her one-piece to cover more skin, but the form-fitting style remained and became standard.

Annette Kellerman's controversial swimming costume

Annette Kellerman’s arrest-worthy swimming costume

Annette Kellerman's decent costume covering shoulders and legs

Annette’s revised costume

Modern swimwear

As freedoms for women increased, costumes shrank to a short suit, or occasionally a two-piece as long as it covered the navel. In 1928 an Australian company invented a racerback costume which allowed greater arm movement and faster swimming speeds. An employee dubbed them “Speedos”, and the company changed its name to the same.

Suitable fabrics were still a problem as rayon didn’t fare well when wet. Silk and cotton were used until the invention of nylon and latex in the 1930s. Many people continued to knit their own suit though.

By the 1930s it became acceptable for men to bathe bare-chested (again) and due to fabric shortages during the second world war, swimsuits needed to use less material. In 1946 “the world’s smallest bathing suit” was invented by a French engineer – the bikini. It was so risqué models wouldn’t wear it at the unveiling so the job was given to an exotic dancer.


Men's racerback swimming suit

Men’s racerback swimming suit

The world's first bikini

The world’s first bikini modelled by exotic dancer Micheline Bernardini

After the war, the practice of sunbathing, rather than water bathing, became more common, and so swimwear continued to become more visually arresting both in design and adornment. A more famous image than the 1946 bikini launch photos is that of Ursula Andress in the 1960s James Bond film.

Now we’re fortunate enough to be able to choose a swimming costume or bikini that says something about us (okay, and maybe one with stomach control technology and back-to-the-past skirts to cover up our wobbly bits).

But we can still all channel Ursula Andress and stand out from the crowd not only with our choice of swimwear but by accessorising it with a statement piece silk scarf from Blue Flamingo. See my blog for tips on how to wear your scarf as a cover up, and there are some examples below.

Blue scarf silk sarongs beachwear pool wear designer gifts for her gifts
hibiscus scarf worn as sarong at ilkley lido
Scarf worn as a halter neck top

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