Maggy Rouff Designer Vintage Chiffon Ladies Scarf


This Maggy Rouff design chiffon scarf will be a chic vintage addition to your accessory wardrobe. Light, floaty, stylish, in beautiful pale blue, dark blue, black, white.  A stunning design.


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This beautiful chiffon ladies scarf is by the designer Maggy Rouff.  It is 124cm x 37cm in a wonderful pale blue floral design on what looks like an ink drawing of rock formation in the background.  An amazing avant guard design for that time. There is a very small pale stain on the bottom left corner of the scarf, as shown in the images.  It has been laundered and pressed and is in excellent condition.
Read more about the designer Maggy Rouff: She was born in Paris in 1896. Her initial ambition was to be a doctor, but her upbringing led her into fashion design. Her parents were the founding directors of the house of DRECOLL and it was there that Maggy began her design career.
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