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This March celebrates women

Last week began with Virgin Airlines allowing female cabin crew to wear trousers as standard and reduce their amount of make-up, and ended with International Women’s Day; next week is Universal Women’s Week and the last day of the month is Mother’s Day in the UK.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Afternoon teas are all the rage now for Mother’s Day treats, but have you noticed how restaurants and cafes charge more for their set menus on this special day?  It’s the simple equation of demand being greater than supply on Mothering Sunday.

That’s why I, and many people I know, prefer to give their Mum a gift on the day, and book that quality-time-together treats on a neighbouring weekend.

Why not combine a gift of flowers with a quality silk scarf that she will treasure forever?

Angels by your side

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have our special women by our side any more.

I designed this scarf with the men and women that I’ve lost in mind.  I think of them whenever I wear it, and it reminds me that they are still with me in spirit, and still supporting me.

angels silk pocket square gift idea for grieving men


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